24 years old WITH BACKPAIN!

24 years old WITH BACKPAIN!

Hey World! Fine, I’m only 23 right now, but still!

So for the past few days, I haven’t been able to go to work because on Saturday afternoon I pulled a back muscle. How?  I’m not sure. I’m just assuming I pulled a back muscle because what else could it be? I haven’t been able to do much. It hurts so much that when I nod my head it hurts my back. I’ve basically been either laying down or sitting up on a chair. I tried to avoid walking, and any kind of physical activity. As I type this.. my back is hurting. I’ve tried drinking tylenol, and other anti-inflamitory medication but nothing is working. I’m only 23, but my bones are aching and I feel like I’m old than my parents!! At the moment, maybe my grandma can run faster than me! Anyways so medication wasn’t helping so I had to revert to the old ways of body healing. Ointments, oils, and a heat pack. Whenever I always get body ache anywhere in my body from my foot, to my forehead I always use oils, and they are 99.9% effective! I have a few bottles I keep in my house for easy access, and always have one next to my head. I feel old for saying this but my bones ache and I need my oils!

I’m sharing with you my back pain remedies

  • Vicks VapoRub


  • Tiger Balm White Ointment



  • Wisamitsu Salonpas


  • Aceite De Manzanilla


  • Water Bag for Warm Compress



A mix of all of these has been helping me heal. My “DIY” fix on backache. Please trust me! It works wonders!

Until Next Time,

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