Hello Word, or hello Professor Seslow,


Let’s see. I’ve enjoyed this class so much, and I’m bittersweet about this class and CT in general. I wish I found out what Communications Technology was earlier on in my college career because I really love blogging, and photoshop and making media. This would definitely have been an option for my major or minor. I may not be the best at doing it, but with practice I can be great. I can’t dwell on this. Maybe in the future if I decide to go back to school this would be something I would be interested in. Media and content creation is such a big part of me, not that I do it as a living but I just love doing it, I honestly wish we had more projects with photoshop, to learn new techniques for the future. I believe that the grade that I’ve earned in this class is a B, B+ if you want to be generous, I was late a couple of times, and was absent a couple of times also. I did makeup my work even though I did not come in for class. I will definitely keep my website, there’s something about owning a domain name just makes me so happy!  From all the tech stuff that I’ve learned making a wordpress based site, I think I will do an overhaul on my main website (that my friend and I try to constantly launch but get lazy to write content) and move over my domain to wordpress because it is much easier to control and navigate. I really want to develop my knowledge of website building, and most specially content creating because it’s what I love reading and searching for on the internet. I am constantly on the internet, and youtubing looking for travel tips, skincare routines, makeup tutorials, recipes and many more. Overall I’m very happy with my blog, and the look of it. Easy, clean, and simple to navigate. I like to produce content, that I would like reading. Hopefully someday when I finally figure out this blogging thing, I want people like me to read my website, to be entertain, to learn things, and basically anything.

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