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I’ve been living in America for a big chunk of my life, although I was born in the Philippines I doesn’t even feel like it. So last summer I decided to explore my native land and a take a trip for the first time without my parents to the Philippines. I spent a week travel to two different islands with my boyfriend. I don’t speak Filipino very well, but I understand fluently. I have never been around the Philippines only to visit my family and stay close to my relatives’ homes. So this was something new to me, an adventure if you call it. I always saw a lot of these amazing places on Instagram and have been drawn to this small island in the south called Siargao.


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Get on a long plane ride to Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. Then take another plane ride to Sayak Airport which is in Siargao Island.

The main town in Siargao which is the most lively, and where most of the accommodations are located are in General Luna. It takes about 40mins to get there from the airport. There aren’t many taxis there. Usually, the hotel that you book will have an airport shuttle that will pick you up and drop you off but if your accommodation doesn’t provide for it there are also tricycles and rental motorbikes outside the airport.

There are so many options for hotels and hostels in town that it’s going to be easy to pick and choose according to your budget and lifestyle. We stayed at The Siargao Bleu Hotel & Spa, which was on the pricier side but it was worth it.

Photos above taken in Siargao Bleu Hotel & Spa


  1. The Siargao Bleu Hotel & Spa
  2. Bravo Siargao
  3. Kermit Siargao
  4. Harana Surf
  5. Apsaras Club
  6. Isla Cabana Resort



  1. Bleu Restaurant
  2. Bravo Restaurant
  3. Kermit Restaurant
  4. CEV
  5. Shaka Siargao



There are endless things to do on this Island. This the Surf Capital of the Philippines so of course the #1 thing you can do here is to surf.

  1. Surfing
  2. Famous Cloud9 Tower
  3. Eat all the local food
  4. Swim at the beach
  5. Island Hopping
  • Daku Island
  • Guyam Island
  • Naked Island
  1. Makapunko Beach
  2. Sugba Lagoon
  3. Tayangban Cave Pools


If you know how to drive, then I feel like the easiest, most convenient, and best way to explore the island is to rent a motorbike while you’re there and drive through the whole island. The hotel I stayed at had motorbike rentals for $8 a day! We didn’t really know how to use a motorbike but they were nice enough to give us a 5 minute tutorial and we were on our way. Another way to get around the island is to just hail a motorella (Filipino’s version of a rickshaw), or get on a “habal habal” ride (this is usually a motorcycle but they add an extension so it fits more people) and they are everywhere so it won’t be too hard to get around. Each ride is about 20php, which is less than a dollar per ride. You get on the ride, and you just yell “Para!” which is a pay of saying “can you stop here”.

Also protip: Google Maps works there so there is no getting lost.


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