Hey World! Are you hungry?

When I was younger, pizza was just another delicious meal that everyone in elementary school patiently waited on Fridays. Pizza wasn’t an everyday meal, it was just during birthday parties, Costco runs with the family, and school lunch on Fridays. Pizza was nothing more than that, but as I got older, I’ve explored New York City every chance I get and that lead me to a new found love for Pizza. I’m an adult now and I have afford to have pizza whenever, and wherever I want. Just sayin’.Also when I say pizza, I’m not talking about Costco, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, and PapaJohns! I’m talking about New York City pizza perfection. I know I’m not the only one who feels passionately about pizza, pizza is a universal favorite whether you prefer with pineapples, or without Pizza is Pizza and we can that love for pizza together. I’m no Scott’s Pizza Tours, but I’d like to think I hold a decent amount of pizza knowledge to know that my top 10 pizza’s are worth trying! I’d rank them in numbers but honestly they’re all delicious!

  • Fornino’s

  • Artichoke Basille

  • Serafina’s

  • Paulie’s Pizzeria (Staten Island)


  • Roberta’s

  • Numero 28

  • TwoBros Pizza (not all locations)

  • Corner Slice

  • Gino’s(my favorite local pizzeria, but upside down slices only) Broadway, Elmhurst

  • Lombardi’s

  • Rubirosa

  • Prince Street Pizza
  • Dani’s Pizza
  • Speedy Romeo

I understand that there are thirteen on this list, and I told you this was going to be my Top 10… but honestly they’re all so good that I had to put them all on the list.

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