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Hey World! I finally have an answer for you!

I’ve been really into skincare and taking care of my skin. I mean my skin is just not getting any younger, and it’s best to take care of it sooner than later. I’m constantly posting about my skincare on my Instagram, from things that work for me and things that don’t work for me. A lot of my friends are always asking about skincare advice, and whats the best skincare routine so finally! I’ve got my perfect (nobody is perfect but you get what I mean) skincare routine to share with everyone!


The last couple of months of 2018, I had a small goal for myself. GET. CLEARER. SKIN. That was my goal.  I’ve been trying all kinds of things, new moisturizer, cleansers, techniques, you name it but what I found at the end was pretty simple; triple cleansing. Let’s talk about triple cleansing! I’ve been wearing makeup pretty much every day so I need that extra oomph in my routine. First of all, I would recommend you to get a triple magnifying mirror… so we can really look at all our pores! It looks disgusting but it is what it is! So what I found is that triple cleansing works best for me. I’ve had fewer breakouts, and definitely, my skin feels so much fresher, and more youth like. I know sometimes taking off our make up is already such a chore but trust me! That glowing skin is worth it! This is just a routine really, you can use any brand that you know and love for each step.

STEP 1: Oil Cleanser!

If you’re a makeup user like me, an oil cleanser is perfect for removing all those layers of foundation, and powder we layer on our face. I take my time with this step, I use two pumps of my oil based cleanser/makeup remover on my palm and just massage it through my face, and my eyelids, to make sure every inch is off. Triple check that eyeliner, most of the time it is still there, so just massage your eyes to break all those particles down. Don’t forget down under the neck and chin too, because if you’re like me I always bring my foundation and bronzer down my neck and chin! Now rinse with warm water but if you want to be extra like me I take a piece of cloth and dampen it with warm water and use that to remove your makeup.

STEP 2: Cleanser/Facial Wash

I use pretty light cleanser since I already use an oil cleanser. After I rinse/wipe all the makeup grease off,  I go straight to my cleanser.  Make sure to massage thoroughly. Rinse with cold or room temperature water. PAT FACE CLEAN AND DRY FACE TOWEL. I know this might sound extra but I purchased small face towels just for my face! It came in two pack so one is for patting my face dry, and the other I use to dampen and remove the oil and makeup. It works out well.

STEP 3: Toner/Cleansing Water

 I feel like this step is the “Extra” step. It depends on how my skin feels that day after step 1, and 2 but I either go for a micellar water type, or an alchohol based “toner”. I have a few, and I just use whichever I feel like using that day. This ensure that every last dirt and makeup is completely off your face. I usually use two cotton rounds, one for each half to the face. It feels so good seeing nothing coming off the pad! Like YASSS IT’S FINALLY CLEAN AF!

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