Let’s talk about Target. You’ve probably heard of Target at least once in your life. Target is like Narnia’s closet, you can get lost in a world of sparkly things, colorful things, and the best thing affordable things. I am quite guilty of coming in there with no intention but to pick up my medication, or a bottle of marinara sauce but it’s become a habit to visit every inch of the store “like doing an inspection” before leaving. Let’s not start with the dollar section and the way they always rotate the items there so every time you visit its something new that catches your eye! IT’S A TRAP! Anyways, since Target hypnotizes us to spend when we don’t need to.. here’s my small trick/hack on how to be a smart shopper at Target!

  1. Download the Target APP
  2. Make a Target Account (This will get you access to their Cartwheel Program with mobile coupons)
  3. Always scan all your items through the Target App!

        – This is actually the trick! This is usually a hit or miss but for me it works 7/10 times. Most of the things on the Target App/Website are cheaper than they are in store so scan everything you’re purchasing, and most of the time you’ll get a cheaper price whether it be a dollar or two or ten! It’s such a good way to save because it all ads up! Also when you can the item on the app it will also automatically tell you if there’s a coupon for it I cartwheel! Nifty isn’t it?

  4. Also always use the regular in store scanners too! This works mostly with clearance item clothing!

 5. PRICE MATCH!!!! You can Price Match the Target Website or Target App but also they price match from all these competitors.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 3.18.30 PM

  I’ve ran into a lot but these are what I have on file as of right now.. 

I picked up this Sally Hansen nail polish and it’s $7.10 in store and when I scanned it on the app it was only $2.62! It may not be much but for a person who loves to get a deal, and loves sales this one got me excited!



Also another one was this Essie Nail Polish for $10.29, and in the Target App only $3.14. You can even see that the regular price for the Essie Polish on the Target App/Website is $8.99 and in store the regular price is $10.29!


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