Hey World! Am I a “hipster” now?

This by far has been one of the best projects, and classes that we’ve had in CT101! Funny thing is.. I’ve seen this kind of style before but I didn’t know that there was a specific name to this aesthetic. So the name is called vaporwave, and when we did our projects in class earlier we searched up vaporwave images and one particular one caught my eye. As you can see the circled photo below, it probably reminds you of the old school soda fountain soda cup but I guess the younger generation will associate this with the famous meme instagram named FuckJerry He’s known for making meme’s and he’s turned his meme account into a marketing business! Anyways, back to vaporwave. I’ve seen seen this style in various forms. In class we learned how to make them, and the guy who started this “style”, he goes by Kidmograph. vaporwave1

So we tried making our own “vaporwave” photos, and honestly it was really fun. This is what I started with during class and the my finaly one is the one below it. I actually really love it. In incorporated my logo in it. Add things that fit my personality well like “I am very sleepy”.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 11.32.37 AM


If you can just scroll back to the very top. The one with my graduation picture. That’s my second attempt in doing a vaporwave photo and it was fun-ner to make it the second time around!!! I hope I did Kidmograph and vaporwave justice!


Bye World!

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